He sees

Wavy wavy wavy till
He says slow down and be still
The tempest calms and out goes the wind
Clearer than a looking glass He sees
The chaos ever so loud it scrambles speech

I Dared to Hurt

Hey blogging fam. Your prodigal son has returned! 😀 I guess i am back on my feet again after the painful ordeal of last month. Did you miss me? Cause i sure missed you! Anyways before any personal posts, I want to share that of a guest writer who has penned down her heart and belief in this awesome piece. Do enjoy! 👊

I Dared to Hurt

by Amah Faith

Have you ever loved someone so much that the thought of the person gives you goose pimples? Do you ever feel that without that person you would never be able to last for a minute? What if you find out that the person also feels the same way, has sacrificed a lot and is willing to do anything for you?
Sometimes in such situations, we might want to take for granted that one lady or that awesome guy in our lives and even if we claim we feel sparks, we might want an hedge around our hearts and play it safe. Thus not giving our all. Don’t try this at any time! The simple reason is that, this is you daring to hurt. I hear some people make comments like the heart is like a 100%, don’t give your partner all of it. “When ” he finally decides to let go, the other percentages remaining will be instrumental in pulling you through. Please this is daring to hurt in the future!
If you find the right guy or lady, don’t dare to hurt later. You can give your all now. Love is give, give and give; not considering whether the other person decides to give or not. Don’t dare to hurt and expect to get all of the person. If you sincerely care a lot and your partner does too, then the both of you should try to build the relationship and not try easier ways to love. Don’t dare to hurt.
Understand this! The person you love, when shoved aside, may not remain. Don’t dare to hurt them thereby daring to hurt yourself. Propel yourself to grow in love because truthfully, love is not a feeling. It is a choice! Eventually you grow in it. Don’t dare to hurt and think you can have another. You might never find any other like your former.
In conclusion, I say be strong but don’t dare to hurt the one person that is the source of that strength!


Hey everyone. I guess I am still not myself yet but motions are being made. I personally want to say thank you to everyone who liked and commented on my last post. I felt like there was an imaginary family with you guys. Thank you. You helped me out more than you know. Have great days ahead. Bye peeps.😊

The Dance of Life

Hey chums. Today is probably the most depressing day yet. I just lost a cousin whom I grew up with. He just finished secondary school and had such a bright future ahead. We drifted apart at some point and the last saw each other about a year ago. I am really pained and confused because on one hand I feel like I have not been a good friend and brother to him and on the other hand because his Father had just passed on barely two years back. Men don’t cry but my eyes have been so heavy. I have written some words this morning because I may lose it if i keep all these thoughts bottled in. Rest in peace dear cousin and brother. See you again at heavens gate.

The Dance of Life

Motions we’ve made, carve our lives in

Pictures unmoving and whispering silently

If only your hearts will listen and perhaps reason

Then you will see that each step stays open

Awaiting lessons from ignorant fools

Thinking since they graced the finish and made it through,

Now they know what is right and good

To teach you too, serious faces they’ll adorn but not for you

Simply to obey ego’s rule, you will see their show

Of knowledge and truth but question this too

Cause one misstep and your dance is wrecked

And the ones whom you thought cared would be in the blues



Peaceful paces to master the race

The oblivion that awaits the losers of the game

Oh! The disturbing game of life

Why has thou my soul confined

And if your choreographic laws,

My simple dance must absorb

Then does thou hold me ransom

Lie not! You care not for my freedom at all



Why, the sweetest word of the confused lot

Why is time slow at moments so low?

When sadness takes hold and pressures the soul

Is this not also a dance rocked by the depressed and sad?

Why is there a rush when happiness reaches us?

As though seeking to fly before dawn’s great call

It elopes before the blinking eye

Leaving nothing but a mirage in our devoid minds

These questions and more

Leave the very mighty why

On my very sour tongue



It pushes the waves of my empty sea

Dictating a dance that shakes my weak heart

Beginning at autumn’s birth when choreography cared

To imbibe and mislead into rhythms of the rest

Mine was ignored, though the steps got applauds

Change wasn’t for this bunch

Old patterns were better sought



At the reckoning of time

When pain has outlived its life

I would again ask why before the all seeing eye,

Was my dance so rigged with cries?

Why could i only stand still though it was a dance,

The very dance of life?

Hustle: The paradoxical state of things

Hmm…the up and down temperaments of a typical goal getter. It is contrarily believed that the result-driven men and women are simply those who against all odds, achieve whatever goal they set out to score or attain. We however fail to consider the somewhat apparent fact that these so called achievers, have a very basic sense of self sacrifice. You are probably thinking that it is a known fact but you are wrongly ignoring another – the degree of self sacrifice in such individuals is pretty troubling and in some cases bothers around the insane. Are you willing to use your life as a bargaining chip just to achieve a seemingly trivial goal? This “mad” way of thinking is a “common” in the lives of such ones. Identifying with these lot may seem pretty easy and today well almost anyone with a six figure salary is regarded by many as an achiever, but do they truly understand the curse of “do or die” which plagues their existence. The usual worry on family ties and affiliations as well as a desire for self preservation, prolongation and even exoneration from difficult situations, just about yanks anyone from sincerely belonging to this group. However the few who stay, hold no weighty value over their lives save as a means to an end – their goal. Now a goal that is so overwhelming can turn even the feeble losers to goal getters? Wrong! There are no such goals. The fact is, they are only as potent as the individual seeking to achieve them. Be it something as small as getting the house chores completed in just an hour or something as mind blowing as owning your own fortune 500 company at say 23 or early thirties, it all bores down to the individual. In addition, what we have as a sure fact is these are over temperamental individuals who are willing for a time to revolve their entire existence around the success of such goals. By default, the instinct in us all to stay alive pushes them further to achieve layed out targets since their fulfillment gaurantees a longer existence. Summarily, I am simply airing out my opinion that we should all wake up from the virtual ideologies of “my dreams”, to the glaring reality of ” the survival of the fit”. Notice that I used ” the fit” not “the fittest” to buttress that you are liable for just yourself and should not be one who competes aimlessly with others, as self drive and motivation is the hallmark of true goal getters. If you have starry dreams, you can add new ones but if all you have is a goal on which your life depends, then it is a life lost if success is not won and a life got once achievement is born. Live for your goals and not them for you. Only then will they eventually die for you and bring success that is good.

She screamed!

Misty’s eyes waved on multiple times

The foggy night concealed hidden bites

A solace was the mysterious isle,

To escape this mare and ones shelter to find

Alas! A turning was beginning again

In its season of souls to slay

All maidens with heart’s of clay

Sacrificed without mercy or grace



Creeping sounds reached the heart

Flocking around no particular path

By now it was full, I mean the crescent moon

The beasts who moved, had a rhythm too

Although killing for food all humans you could,

Bent to no law or obeyed a guiding rule,

Touching frail lives of the swarming isle,

Cost you your life – the binding curse of all time



She walked in hell but without care

An ignorant girl so doomed for death

No surprise, she was from April’s vanes

For at a time of the troubling alarm’s big say,

Thrusting fragile hearts into a peaceful relay,

A slow minded tool she ignorantly remained

Thinking of nothing else but precious play



Play Misty, play Misty, play!

Non-stop till the end of your days

These resounding words had caused her delay

Now a perfect sacrifice it seemed she’ll make

There was no question of good taste!

Surely she was born and must die this day



As she matched onwards trodding big stamps

Her effortless pace soon attracted the crowd

Their emptiness could make any sad,

Oh! Belly rants turning grins into full blown laughs

So poor Misty would rise with a smell that lasts

For she had chosen lateness at a precarious time at that

Thus she brought down saliva banks in empty mouths

Hence furious droolings graced the sands

As heavy drops rained down



At the climax of the sacrfice for kings

Or at least that’s what it was known to be,

An underdog had caused a big scene

Alas! It was Misty’s scream

Piercing through helpless drums

And rippling rough rounds of super sonic dance

She had gathered all the air in her little chest

And pushed with care a high pitched birth

But when lights came on and eyes saw more

It was apparently clear to Misty’s dull sense

That her surprise birthday she had messed,

Happy and sad tears flowed from this precious girl


Hello peeps. It’s a beautiful new post day but who would have expected a nomination. Yes! *I see lights soaring over some hypothetical stage and the phrase reechoing – and the winner is * Sorry I am only day dreaming. I am pretty excited about being nominated by a beautiful blogger, a prolific writer with a very deep sense of self expression and a lady whom I actually respect more than she knows – ANUSKHA, the owner of the blog – lovestruck satire; for the Liebster awards.

Some writers, sorry to say, get caught up in trying to impress their readers that they lose the very essence of what writing entails. However, Anuskha is one lady that stands true to her heart’s silent whispers as she dishes out beautiful love pieces for her love struck readers. She is phenomenal at expressing deep thoughts . My favourite of her blog posts is ” truth behind the glasses


Liebster Award is given to the new bloggers in order to motivate them and give some sort of “appluad” or “welldone” for the effort they have put in so far. It also gives exposure and fosters a community of recognition and appreciation. The award was first implemented in 2011 and has been in place each year since.

The official rules for 2018 are as follows, and can be found in entirety on the blog

The Global Aussie.

Rules — overviews

Link to the official rules blog post in your Liebster Award blog post

Answer the questions given to you (11)

Create more questions for your nominees to answer (11)

Comment on the official rules blog post with a link DIRECTLY to your Liebster award nomination post.

Entries start 1st Jan 2018 and end on 25th Dec 2018. The winner will be picked on the 31st of December.

Rules — Detailed

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New to the 2018 Liebster Award: Write a small post about what makes you passionate about blog posting.

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List these rules in your post.

Inform the people/blogs that you nominated that they have been nominated for the Liebster award and provide a link for them to your post or to the official rules post if you don’t have all the information so that they can learn about it (they might not have ever heard of it! Post a comment in the comments on the official rules post so others can view your post and check out your blog.

Questions by Anuskha

1.What or who inspires you to start a blog?

Answer: Well its simply a consequence of over thinking. Too much rowdiness buckling up my brain and then blogging comes in with files to organize things. That’s pretty much what pushes me to get blogging. I guess its something I need to remain sane.

2. What do you think is your purpose in life?

Answer: Hmm…a deep one. As regards purpose, I believe in a supernatural being- Jesus Christ as the director of my life and destiny. So just like He did, I am positive that my purpose is to be an inspiration, a sure help, a friend and a brother to as many who are in need. I also believe believe I am meant to effect changes on the world through the gifts I have been given.

3. Name your one dream place that you want to visit and with whom?

Answer: Its China for me. Yes I have always wanted to see their culture and lifestyle up close and I love their musical renditions. I would love to go there with the one lady that holds my heart. Her name is…

4.What do you think is one of the greatest problem of the society these days?

Answer: I believe its lack of sincere Faith. I do not mean religiousity. No. The truth is there is not a lot of good old fashioned faith left in the world. Many have given up on humanity. They consequently take the poor state of things all around and perfect such evils in themselves. Hence giving rise to a new breed of people who are several times much worse than the exiting generations. Too blunt? Its just my opinion.

5.What is your greatest fear that you want to conquer?

Answer: I have always been disturbed by the fear that I won’t live up to expectations. Well I guess I am kind of always afraid of failing even when everything is going well.

6. What is most important thing according to you among the following health, wealth and education? Why?

Answer: OK! I love money! Just joking! Although I would still choose wealth. Its true health and education are corner stones, where as the former sustains and the latter is a means to a promising end; they both revolve around self preservation and promotion. Money is the only thing that can move on to others or be passed down. Yes, it rules out the mighty “Me” and can change it into a philanthropical “We”. Truth be told you cannot give your good health to others or even your education; but Wealth, hmm,hmm! now that can save millions of lives.

7. If the world ends tomorrow what would be the last thing you want to do today?

Answer: Sincerely, to my loved ones i’ll go. No thinking it!

8. If you got stuck on an island forever with one person whom would you want with you as your best company?

Answer: Jesus

9. If you become a famous author and you got one of the highest awards like Pulitzer for your work, then to whom you will share your prize amount?

Answer: My mum, siblings and my love

10. Do you follow a philosophy in life? If yes then what and why? If no then why not?
Who is your favourite author and why?

Answer: So many questions. Alright! My philosophy basically is to do to everyone as I wish they’ll treat me in return. The reason is simple. Two wrongs don’t make a right. I have an obligation to myself and to my God to live right. Pretty much that.

My favourite author is J.K. Rowling. I used to be an Harry Potter fanatic. Read the Goblet of fire release in barely three days. It’s probably not so much of an achievement to many but for a young boy of 13 or 14, it was to me. If i must add, it was and still is the best novel I have read.

What makes me passionate about blogging?

Answer: My sanity borders on how much of my issues blogging is able to sort out or fix. So the more i blog, the more sane i become. There is also the part of me reaching out to people through my blogs. Perhaps in some corner somewhere, someone would relate with my situation, ideas or opinions and subsequently won’t feel so alone in this lonely world.

My Nominees are ( *drum roll*) (in no preferred order)

Blissfully Lost Soul

Rohan Gandhi, Thoughts! Pen! Words!

Laundry & Dishes

My small world

Scotlyn says

My questions for the nominees are:

1. What keeps you fired up to keep on blogging?

2. If by some twist of faith you were to find yourself in some parallel universe where communication is only done through writing, would you miss this one?

3. What is your favourite personal blog post?

4. How large do you want your blog to become by the year’s end?

5.If the world ends tomorrow, what will be the last thing you would want to do today?

6. Have you ever sat in front of your site to make a post but you get so blank that you have to sign out and literally dump your pc or phone just about anywhere so you can feel better?

7. What is your favourite song?

8.If you become a famous author and you got one of the highest awards like Pulitzer for your work, then with whom will you share your prize money?

9. Did you ever think that you will someday become a blogger?

10. What is the happiest blogging experience you’ve had?

The Hole

There is a space within, too broad to be filled
Its entrance we see but its size misleads
Ensnared fools dance with death for good
An eternity they’ll reside and their soul’s they’ll lose
It appeared from nothing but it is many things
It has been since the time of beings
And will leave only when we cease to be

A tale from a kid, to warn you is his wish
According to his piece, a mystery will be seen
“When you are pulled, its over for you
Struggle to get loose and you are sucked in for good
On reaching the death bed’s feet, life begins to exit
Pale your countenance feels but a desire grows within
As though under a spell, the desire continues to swell
And at the point of hunger’s peak, a whoosh
And your life you lose
This was the pattern, birth in a disordered manner
Of course the chaos of children made this a sure banker
We strived to survive but were plucked before we could cry
True friends , just before our eyes, were swallowed up alive
Pain of unmatching tunes resonated within us surviving dudes
Only five remained and we needed to escape this dire place

Surrounding our brain, he stood as he explained
” she opens a mouth and a rear each time she takes up flesh
One is our death and the other will get us out of here”
Oh! We resounded among ourselves, but,
What hole will pave a way and get us all saved?
A dilemma it became because our brain had nothing to say”

He made it out, only his team of one
The other four matched down but didn’t get a chance
Their hole was wrong but brain led them all
This lonesome survivor had stooped to get laces crossed
But when ears gave way to deafening screams made
A reality it became that a wrong decision brain had made
Hot drips gushed out, there was no holding back
Tears and pee flowed as he turned to leave
But the monster within still wanted him
A twist of fate and the space trembled beneath
As though choking from food, it could no longer pursue
He ran! Without thought or sound, he ran!
The choking was caused by his stubborn pals
This he knew deep down
Even in death, they saved his life
Friends! Till the end of time

Years have gone and though countless lives were lost
A story for fun, this account has become
Hear me! Oh! Hear me!
Beware of the hole that lurks in your home
Into the closet or so,
And that may be the end of your soul

Aaeon (Leye)
© All rights reserved 2018

A Divided America: The Obama Bill

Disclaimer: This post is not in anyway a political propaganda and is not aimed at furthering or bringing down anyone’s political agenda. It is purely an expression of my personal opinion.

Have you ever been sick? Have you ever watched a loved one struggle for life while you sit helplessly unable to do anything? Have you ever been minutes away from a treatment but it eludes you simply because you have no money? Have you ever buried a child and you find yourself silently wishing it had been you instead? The American plight understood by only Americans! The land of promise and opportunity, of hope and success, yet reaping from us the fables on which we were bred. How do I stand, with what portion will I sit? To cancer I have lost my pelvic and to tetanus I have lost my feet. Can you understand except you have lost like us. The heart break of the doctors report, the knock of the reaper as he comes for blood. These two are one and the same to a man with no insurance or pay. If many of us then carry this trait, what hope for the future remains?

I see a tide, carrying victuals mixed with brine, medications that will suffice and a hope that we will survive. With its undulating roar, we formed a song – ” come wash away, come wash away the new American way; for if I lose 20,000 to a system that has failed and 25,000 more to sustain the mortality range that obtains, then I am America the nation that cries everyday.” In 2009 it reached our shores and now bears the unofficial title – the Obamacare. The year 2010, it began to wash having obtained a ” go ahead” from us. The patient protection and affordable care act (PPACA), this was its full name and with it we hoped for better days.

We waited at the beautiful dawn of a new beginning hoping to catch a glimpse of that yellow gold of promise that only our mind’s eye could see. As time went by, we rejoiced in fulfillment because the promises in our minds became the reality of our lives. It was working! 22 million and counting! The number of new insured kept on rising! What did this act do that procured the awesome results it was getting?
it extended health insurance to some of the estimated 15% of the US population who lacked it.
– it banned insurance companies from denying health coverage to those with pre-existing health conditions.
– it allowed individuals under the age of 26 to remain under the health insurance plan of their parents.
– it mandated that companies with over 50 full-time employees should offer health insurance to their workers.
– it extended the eligibility for the government-run Medicaid health program for the poor.

The above is just an over summarized version of what the law actually does. However, the act was also aimed at eventually slowing down the amount spent by our country on healthcare which as at now is the highest in the world. A good account one would say, an appropriate purpose for the future we sought, if only some would let it take its course. The controversies were many and opposition’s strides increased daily, hoping to catch up and pull down the airship of our starry dreams. How can a nation divided against itself stand for long above the rest? How should my eyes respond if my eyelids decide to remain shut? What distance can a rocket travel if it ignores the thrust that comes from its nozzles? Are we now so smart that poor lives no longer count? Then why does the profit of a few seem more appealing than the thriving of the weak? Think for yourself do we have a conscience left. If I am America and the good of my children is all I care about then I am a nation which gives affordable healthcare to its people. This is the singular star around which the healthcare act revolved.

It’s true, very true! It did not work out like we hoped it would but it was no doubt a gesture, that had intentions pure. Go ahead and criticize, lash out with rants of being right. You told us so, yes we know but we have no regrets bacause while it was firm, unmoving and securing health, there was a smile on the faces of those who didn’t have a cent. I am sorry that it is now working against those it sought to help and weighing on the shoulders of companies whose focus was our care. A turn out that is now too low and premiums that are no longer bearable and a consequence inevitable – 17 have fallen and only six still stand of the 23 stations created to achieve the act. Some folks got lazy and the hard working ones were left with nothing. Yes it failed! Nonetheless, it was a beacon in a time when darkness shone brightest. Now we see a little better and its flaws are becoming clearer but that does not mean it wasn’t through this health act that we got to where we are. For if the light it brought is now no longer bright enough, the bill does not stop being luminous and without it we would have been lost. So again I say criticize all you want but do not forget the dire state you were liberated from.

Disclaimer: I am not an American citizen and everything written was not personnally experienced. However, exercising my right to an opinion, I have written this from research and secondary data. Hence, I stand corrected if any information given here is wrong.

Copyright © Aaeon (Leye)

Frustration is a weapon!

Walking but sitting, running but walking, soaring but running. Always a step behind. Expectations get all but achieved. Tired of trying to hold on because there was once a dream and reality it has failed to see? Hmm…take your mind back to the first smile of approval you received along this crooked journey of trying to be more, better, successful! For some, there many of these but it would be wrong to assume that we all have them. I identify with you – I mean all those who have never received this form of approval. Each punch to push through is returned with piercing words of nagging remimdals that you are only good for nothing but where people’s opinions place you. The funny thing is I didn’t know humans by their own ability, had the power to prophecy or foretell what peak you can attain or what dump you can’t climb out of. The last I checked, we are only as weak or constrained as we believe we are. It never was and never will be a function of peoples opinions but only and purely a function of your faith. Yes! Your believe in the magnitude of the potentials you have residing within you.

Do you know fear, the ache in your mind that you can’t? Well I guess we all get those. However some pick up greater levels of fear because of the countless times they have lost, been defeated, shown the way out, been rebuked, laughed at and mocked, tossed aside without a thought and probably a whole lot more. It has not been easy, has it? If i may ask, where are you are you now as a person? You are definitely not the same individual who walked up to his or her fears last time. Of course you were defeated otherwise you won’t be frustrated right now. Nonetheless, do you know that the sense of frustration you feel is greater when a larger portion of yourself is dissatisfied with your current state. A contended poor man for example can never be frustrated with poverty. Hence he remains poor due to his satisfaction with his state. You should console yourself because the fact that you are frustrated just reveals that you are not satisfied, that you have not given up or settled for less. Rather than become depressed, let your frustration become a positive drive which will continue to push you against all odds to that heart warming fulfillment of your dreams. So go on and turn your frustration into your weapon!

Aaeon( Leye)