Give up, not!

It would not be so incorrect to assume that everyone has at one time or the other been a victim of failure, loss, defeat and all other experiences in that group. However a subject worth considering is the effect of these hallmarks of the human existence on its unwilling recipient slaves. There are different categories of individuals, each with unique personalities, thus accounting for the reason why responses vary largely across a set of individuals experiencing the same hurdle or problem. There are those who will pack up and call it quits which identifies one extreme of individuals and there are those who will stay put till the end by their shear will and die-hard spirit. Again this accounts for another extreme. While the majority of us fall within these two extremes, and some others some where inbetween, it is not uncommon to find ourselves questioning our reactions to these dere situations especially when its tending towards surrendering.

How then does one control and consequently dictate the response he manifests when pressed against the wall by these challenges.
According to Tugade and Fredrickson (2004), there are individuals who seem to “bounce back” from negative events quite effectively, whereas others are caught in a rut, seemingly unable to get out of their negative streaks. Being able to move on despite negative stressors does not demonstrate luck on the part of those successful individuals but demonstrates a concept known as resilience.
The study revealed that resilient people use positive emotions to rebound from, as well as find positive meaning in challenging situations or encounters .
It also buttresses the fact that there are those who believe in the prevalence of luck in order to proceed or move forward.
Summarily, in my opinion I strongly believe that the quickest way to control your response to negative events is to choose what category of individuals you wish to belong to. Those who believe they are just unlucky when bad things happen to them and consequently remain in that condition or those who use positive emotions such as memories of previous successes, of days when you seemed unstoppable, and so on, to bounce back several times stronger taking with you lessons from these past failures.
Stand up today and choose to be resilient. Never give up!


Tugade M. M. and Fredrickson B.L., 2004. Resilient individuals use
positive emotions to bounce back from negative emotional
experiences. Journal of Personality and Social Psychology.
Vol. 2, pg 320- 333.

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