Twisted Future

The passage of time marked the entrance and domimation of physical maturity, a reality that Paul had now come to question. The 25 year old bachelor had just bagged two degrees from Fine arts and from international relations. On one fateful morning, he had jugged over three kilometers from his house to the central station and back. A typically normal routine save for the new spice which flavoured this particular day. A beautiful scene had unfolded right before his eyes leading to a lot of soul searching questions about the accuracy of his position on age, expected level of maturity and the amount of respect that should be got as a result of it. On that day a couple of children were having a dispute about some lego games from about two decades ago and it had become a really heated argument. A passer by – Paul , saw what was happening and decided to correct them cause both sides involved in the argument had it wrong. However an unexpected response from one of the children gave Paul quite a puzzle. The child said ” you are no different from us, you don’t look old at all, your answer is also from a secondary source, so how can we be certain that it is not wrong.” This words as simple as they were, caused him to question his perception of old age as well as maturity. He had come from an aristocratic family in which respect was a principal thing and it came with age. Consequently he had always looked forward to future in which he would be “greatly” respected by the younger generation since he never had access to this due to his position as the youngest of the family. He originally created a scene in his mind where the children would be so grateful and would probably have said thank you very much sir. Thus expressing both the respect he desired and at the same time showing the necessary gratitude. He was now trapped in a blizzard of confusing thoughts as he jugged back home. “You don’t look old at all,” he recalled the little child’s words. I am really that young in appearance, he thought to himself. Just as pushed the thought aside another came rushing in – does it mean that age doesn’t always fetch you respect or was it just that the children didn’t believe i was old enough to be respected. Again another thought questioned his show of maturity- perhaps it was childish of him to have interfered in such an argument between children. As he prepared to go work at the british embassy, as though like a bolt of lightening, he was hit with an answer which would change his view of the future from that day forth. Though a person is only as old as their biological age, maturity and the accrued respect is purely a thing of the mind. Hence as many who believe in the twisted future where you become more mature with time passage, would have a shocking reality to wake up to when at Forty they still display the features of under-aged children. In conclusion, anyone who desires a future characterized by a high level of maturity, self respect and even a greater sense of responsibility, must change his/her mindset towards the future and must go further to attain a state of mind that exhibits a degree of maturity that is not a function of age.

Aaeon (Faith).

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