The Vegetarian who Loves Meat

She leaped a bit, made a dash or two, maneuvered briskly through the crowd, her destination was the only thing she had on her mind. It was about 7pm, exactly an hour after the proposed time for her family’s get together. It was again the time of the year for the semana Santa festival (easter) in spain. She was so overwhelmed with the feelings of lateness that she had not even realized the borborygmus emanating from her stomach. The day had been stressful for this devout meat lover and a steaming portion of grilled meat will have given her the come back she needed. However, she had come to terms with a tradition that for now deprived her of her ever faithful, taste bud gratifying, and stomach filling food ingredient. A key feature of the festival is the prohibition of meat consumption for a particular day. “Why am I a part of this, did I ever agree to this?” Thoughts of this nature always seemed loudest during this period.
She was now at her parents but the house was shut with no traces of life anywhere within the vicinity. Had she arrived too late , but that was out of the question since it usually lasted till late at night. She tried calling but all lines were unreachable. The stomach sounds had now become quite noticeable and the transient vegetarian was now at her limit. She needed it, the cravings were evident, screaming too loudly to be ignored. “Just a little,while I wait. Its not like anyone would know,” she thought to herself pacing back and forth as though it was a remedy for hunger. She shoved aside the thoughts being someone who did not believe in compromise no matter how trivial the situation may seem.

Sadly, it had not been up to five minutes since her resolve that she found herself well on her way to a restaurant she had come across earlier on. It was a defeat for her. She had lost the battle with her appetite, only meat would do at this time. With mixed feelings she plunged into the restaurant silently hoping she would not meet anyone she knew. Aurora! Aurora! Twice in a row the name was called, ignoring was no longer an option. She had heard her name and worse from a familiar voice. She turned to see her aunty standing at the far right of the counter. As she watched the not so aged lady come closer, her attention was drawn by the canteen attendant. Señorita, kindly place your order and then he handed her a list from which she was to make her choice. The aunty was now right beside her exchanging pleasantries. How could she pull this off? Any attempt to purchase any meat containing product would make her the subject of rebuke for that night. While in the perplexed state, she was jolted to reality by the news of a family member who had choked on a piece of meat he sneaked into his mouth and gorged down only too quickly. This had happened earlier that evening and he was rushed to the nearest hospital. This was also the reason for the house being empty. Señorita, the attendant called out again. She suddenly found herself sweating, struggling with her desire for her precious meat and the self righteous glow radiating from her aunt. Could this get any worse…

Disclaimer : this post is not targeting any particular group, religion or individual as I am of the belief that everyone deserves that their believes and traditions be respected.

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