Butterfly in my belly

Hey everyone. I trust you are all enjoying your weekends. Today, I wish to share a piece of poetry which I composed a while back to appreciate a wonderful individual, a beautiful soul, a reliable friend, one time crush and now my heart’s mate. In essence I desire that as you read, a picture of how fortunate you are to have those wonderful female companions whom you love, would become very apparent and would stand clearly in the forefront of your mind’s eye. Indeed many are searching but are still yet to find that one person their soul connects with very strongly. Please enjoy!


Can a stream be both sour and sweet?
Can my mind be at peace and my body not at ease?
Now I can’t decide. I think I am losing my mind
Is this a plague, a mental decay come to stay?
Did I become infected when cupid’s arrow hit?
No no no! It is not the case
But why does my blood race whenever she is in close range?
Those were thoughts that filled my little brain
Until one day under the rain,
We got talking and I was no more the same

A quick pace down history’s sands,
Please listen as I make my rant
Just as fresh as the memory of my morning meal
Indeed that fateful day, I met my heaven’s made
She came in, our eyes met, I stared a little longer,
Understood the meaning of jaw dropper
And lost my heart in overwhelming wonder
A great sensation it was and that perfect smile, its source
Such figure, so well curved, truly a perfect art
Even the mighty Hephaestus would sit in awe
And if he could talk, will cantillate a Godlike song
However, these are all but cheap words,
They can’t truly express my darling’s worth

Subsequently, something was moving
Listening closely and I heard it poking
On my insides, there was no more harmony
Just a minute or two and I was no more empty
It started out small, I mean the symptoms I saw
From a little pulse and then my heart raced non stop
I wanted to make a report but before I could make the call
The very being called love, had taken over my inside walls
Now, a new king reigns in my inner domains
And though sometimes unstable like the ocean’s waves
I daily pay homage for I am but a slave

There is a butterfly in my belly
And I can feel it perching
It shakes up my every will
Thus making a dumb fool out of me
Surely my freedom, I am never getting
But my solace is in this love
The very thing it is inducing


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