Frustration is a weapon!

Walking but sitting, running but walking, soaring but running. Always a step behind. Expectations get all but achieved. Tired of trying to hold on because there was once a dream and reality it has failed to see? Hmm…take your mind back to the first smile of approval you received along this crooked journey of trying to be more, better, successful! For some, there many of these but it would be wrong to assume that we all have them. I identify with you – I mean all those who have never received this form of approval. Each punch to push through is returned with piercing words of nagging remimdals that you are only good for nothing but where people’s opinions place you. The funny thing is I didn’t know humans by their own ability, had the power to prophecy or foretell what peak you can attain or what dump you can’t climb out of. The last I checked, we are only as weak or constrained as we believe we are. It never was and never will be a function of peoples opinions but only and purely a function of your faith. Yes! Your believe in the magnitude of the potentials you have residing within you.

Do you know fear, the ache in your mind that you can’t? Well I guess we all get those. However some pick up greater levels of fear because of the countless times they have lost, been defeated, shown the way out, been rebuked, laughed at and mocked, tossed aside without a thought and probably a whole lot more. It has not been easy, has it? If i may ask, where are you are you now as a person? You are definitely not the same individual who walked up to his or her fears last time. Of course you were defeated otherwise you won’t be frustrated right now. Nonetheless, do you know that the sense of frustration you feel is greater when a larger portion of yourself is dissatisfied with your current state. A contended poor man for example can never be frustrated with poverty. Hence he remains poor due to his satisfaction with his state. You should console yourself because the fact that you are frustrated just reveals that you are not satisfied, that you have not given up or settled for less. Rather than become depressed, let your frustration become a positive drive which will continue to push you against all odds to that heart warming fulfillment of your dreams. So go on and turn your frustration into your weapon!

Aaeon( Leye)

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