The Hole

There is a space within, too broad to be filled
Its entrance we see but its size misleads
Ensnared fools dance with death for good
An eternity they’ll reside and their soul’s they’ll lose
It appeared from nothing but it is many things
It has been since the time of beings
And will leave only when we cease to be

A tale from a kid, to warn you is his wish
According to his piece, a mystery will be seen
“When you are pulled, its over for you
Struggle to get loose and you are sucked in for good
On reaching the death bed’s feet, life begins to exit
Pale your countenance feels but a desire grows within
As though under a spell, the desire continues to swell
And at the point of hunger’s peak, a whoosh
And your life you lose
This was the pattern, birth in a disordered manner
Of course the chaos of children made this a sure banker
We strived to survive but were plucked before we could cry
True friends , just before our eyes, were swallowed up alive
Pain of unmatching tunes resonated within us surviving dudes
Only five remained and we needed to escape this dire place

Surrounding our brain, he stood as he explained
” she opens a mouth and a rear each time she takes up flesh
One is our death and the other will get us out of here”
Oh! We resounded among ourselves, but,
What hole will pave a way and get us all saved?
A dilemma it became because our brain had nothing to say”

He made it out, only his team of one
The other four matched down but didn’t get a chance
Their hole was wrong but brain led them all
This lonesome survivor had stooped to get laces crossed
But when ears gave way to deafening screams made
A reality it became that a wrong decision brain had made
Hot drips gushed out, there was no holding back
Tears and pee flowed as he turned to leave
But the monster within still wanted him
A twist of fate and the space trembled beneath
As though choking from food, it could no longer pursue
He ran! Without thought or sound, he ran!
The choking was caused by his stubborn pals
This he knew deep down
Even in death, they saved his life
Friends! Till the end of time

Years have gone and though countless lives were lost
A story for fun, this account has become
Hear me! Oh! Hear me!
Beware of the hole that lurks in your home
Into the closet or so,
And that may be the end of your soul

Aaeon (Leye)
© All rights reserved 2018

5 thoughts on “The Hole

    1. Wow😭😭😭😭😭. Anuskha ! You have made my day . Tears have gathered in the eyes of this little me. I am grateful that you considered me worth nominating . Thank you dear.

      Liked by 1 person

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