She screamed!

Misty’s eyes waved on multiple times

The foggy night concealed hidden bites

A solace was the mysterious isle,

To escape this mare and ones shelter to find

Alas! A turning was beginning again

In its season of souls to slay

All maidens with heart’s of clay

Sacrificed without mercy or grace



Creeping sounds reached the heart

Flocking around no particular path

By now it was full, I mean the crescent moon

The beasts who moved, had a rhythm too

Although killing for food all humans you could,

Bent to no law or obeyed a guiding rule,

Touching frail lives of the swarming isle,

Cost you your life – the binding curse of all time



She walked in hell but without care

An ignorant girl so doomed for death

No surprise, she was from April’s vanes

For at a time of the troubling alarm’s big say,

Thrusting fragile hearts into a peaceful relay,

A slow minded tool she ignorantly remained

Thinking of nothing else but precious play



Play Misty, play Misty, play!

Non-stop till the end of your days

These resounding words had caused her delay

Now a perfect sacrifice it seemed she’ll make

There was no question of good taste!

Surely she was born and must die this day



As she matched onwards trodding big stamps

Her effortless pace soon attracted the crowd

Their emptiness could make any sad,

Oh! Belly rants turning grins into full blown laughs

So poor Misty would rise with a smell that lasts

For she had chosen lateness at a precarious time at that

Thus she brought down saliva banks in empty mouths

Hence furious droolings graced the sands

As heavy drops rained down



At the climax of the sacrfice for kings

Or at least that’s what it was known to be,

An underdog had caused a big scene

Alas! It was Misty’s scream

Piercing through helpless drums

And rippling rough rounds of super sonic dance

She had gathered all the air in her little chest

And pushed with care a high pitched birth

But when lights came on and eyes saw more

It was apparently clear to Misty’s dull sense

That her surprise birthday she had messed,

Happy and sad tears flowed from this precious girl

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