The Dance of Life

Hey chums. Today is probably the most depressing day yet. I just lost a cousin whom I grew up with. He just finished secondary school and had such a bright future ahead. We drifted apart at some point and the last saw each other about a year ago. I am really pained and confused because on one hand I feel like I have not been a good friend and brother to him and on the other hand because his Father had just passed on barely two years back. Men don’t cry but my eyes have been so heavy. I have written some words this morning because I may lose it if i keep all these thoughts bottled in. Rest in peace dear cousin and brother. See you again at heavens gate.

The Dance of Life

Motions we’ve made, carve our lives in

Pictures unmoving and whispering silently

If only your hearts will listen and perhaps reason

Then you will see that each step stays open

Awaiting lessons from ignorant fools

Thinking since they graced the finish and made it through,

Now they know what is right and good

To teach you too, serious faces they’ll adorn but not for you

Simply to obey ego’s rule, you will see their show

Of knowledge and truth but question this too

Cause one misstep and your dance is wrecked

And the ones whom you thought cared would be in the blues



Peaceful paces to master the race

The oblivion that awaits the losers of the game

Oh! The disturbing game of life

Why has thou my soul confined

And if your choreographic laws,

My simple dance must absorb

Then does thou hold me ransom

Lie not! You care not for my freedom at all



Why, the sweetest word of the confused lot

Why is time slow at moments so low?

When sadness takes hold and pressures the soul

Is this not also a dance rocked by the depressed and sad?

Why is there a rush when happiness reaches us?

As though seeking to fly before dawn’s great call

It elopes before the blinking eye

Leaving nothing but a mirage in our devoid minds

These questions and more

Leave the very mighty why

On my very sour tongue



It pushes the waves of my empty sea

Dictating a dance that shakes my weak heart

Beginning at autumn’s birth when choreography cared

To imbibe and mislead into rhythms of the rest

Mine was ignored, though the steps got applauds

Change wasn’t for this bunch

Old patterns were better sought



At the reckoning of time

When pain has outlived its life

I would again ask why before the all seeing eye,

Was my dance so rigged with cries?

Why could i only stand still though it was a dance,

The very dance of life?

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