New Nigerian Reality ğŸ˜”

The silence rocked my mind up and down while I dreamt of a slaughter that was termed a reprimand. We spattered around like dew drops till their evil plots caused us literal drops. It began with a toss at a Lekki that belongs to us, yet nothing swayed our resolve but your betrayal dealt us a grave shock. From our toll gate to churches, to private residences, to halls, to hospitals we ran to escape the men of the night who were meant to defend our might. We scampered around with a heart that we will be found but in time our carcass too kissed the ground. The strays from your four-yearly sprays have pierced our reins and though you deny, the flag you disdained is proof that you are to blame. A clarion call they said and we trooped out like flies each election year. Now, the flies that once roamed our dumps dine happily on the carrions we have lost.
The tears which swelled in our eyes as she screamed in the dark night were not for souls being birth even though in labour wards we were. They were for the heroes whom this night had gone to rest. A score, half a score and again a score even an extra score, and the men on top have closed their eyes but our history will tell no more lies. Alas, my calm and silent rants have brought me death. Nevertheless my blood has been spilt; it shall loud a revolution that has never before been seen.

by aaeon