I Dared to Hurt

Hey blogging fam. Your prodigal son has returned! 😀 I guess i am back on my feet again after the painful ordeal of last month. Did you miss me? Cause i sure missed you! Anyways before any personal posts, I want to share that of a guest writer who has penned down her heart and belief in this awesome piece. Do enjoy! 👊

I Dared to Hurt

by Amah Faith

Have you ever loved someone so much that the thought of the person gives you goose pimples? Do you ever feel that without that person you would never be able to last for a minute? What if you find out that the person also feels the same way, has sacrificed a lot and is willing to do anything for you?
Sometimes in such situations, we might want to take for granted that one lady or that awesome guy in our lives and even if we claim we feel sparks, we might want an hedge around our hearts and play it safe. Thus not giving our all. Don’t try this at any time! The simple reason is that, this is you daring to hurt. I hear some people make comments like the heart is like a 100%, don’t give your partner all of it. “When ” he finally decides to let go, the other percentages remaining will be instrumental in pulling you through. Please this is daring to hurt in the future!
If you find the right guy or lady, don’t dare to hurt later. You can give your all now. Love is give, give and give; not considering whether the other person decides to give or not. Don’t dare to hurt and expect to get all of the person. If you sincerely care a lot and your partner does too, then the both of you should try to build the relationship and not try easier ways to love. Don’t dare to hurt.
Understand this! The person you love, when shoved aside, may not remain. Don’t dare to hurt them thereby daring to hurt yourself. Propel yourself to grow in love because truthfully, love is not a feeling. It is a choice! Eventually you grow in it. Don’t dare to hurt and think you can have another. You might never find any other like your former.
In conclusion, I say be strong but don’t dare to hurt the one person that is the source of that strength!

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