Worries and Fears

Hey everyone. Please enjoy this beautiful poetic piece which paints quite a picture of what goes on in the hearts of many.

Anxiety with a flare for certainty
A soothing relief for my now aware entity
So long the wait, great weariness on my feet,
As I stood the test of time.
It’s all over now for the truth is out
And without fail and shall be mine
Oh! I remember the days of head aches
To ease my plight and pain ,
My little joy I tried to maintain
Why have I punished myself so well
Did I really seek to be ensnared
By fear the enemy of my health
I should have just rested and awoken
To bliss of the peaceful night.
Although if all these be,then who shall worry
Who shall bear the torch of fears mockery?

I yearned and thirsted for its arrival
I mean my freedom which I so desired
With eyes closed I sometimes could see,
Though blur, the shapes that plagued my fantasies
Even in my wildest dreams, it stood still,
As an armed man waiting to lay siege
There was no hope, fear had me beat.

A day in the rain and an understanding came
So stubborn and yet so small
These little droplets were
But stopping such a persistent bunch,
You could not even dare
As they splashed upon the earth,
Their teasing whispers you could almost hear
“No matter where we die,
we would return to the sky so clear and fine”
Confidence gradually trooped in
And like a true spartan
I stood tall with courage and might
Fear’s mercenaries were at the door
Worry’s battalions geared them on
But we sang our song
No matter where we died
We would arise in the sky
So clear and fine.

This was an understanding I came have.
Having witnessed all fear’s uprisings
Fear is for the weak,
who have no faith in what the heart speaks
Whose fault , when it is easier to be a to slave logic
Than a friend to the heart’s strong beliefs.

Aaeon (Leye)

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