Too Much Thinking. My Dilemma!

Have you ever got to a point where you just helplessly admit to yourself that you think too much? Well this is sadly a daily routine for me. Most people wake up in the morning and they are sure of what they intend to do, where they wish to go, the obligations they have to honour and so on. Hmm! This is so not my case. In fact I am very far from this. I am not implying that I am an idle mind that has nothing to do. On the contrary, I have so much on my plate that before I get around achieving just one, I must have reasoned out so many scenarios and the possible outcomes from using a given approach. In essence, thinking ends up taking a major part of whatever action I wish to execute. This on the surface sounds normal but when the time spent planning begins to eat into the time meant to perform the actual task, something is definitely wrong. Well guys this is my dilemma right now! I need to break this trait or at least learn to use it the right way. Please I would like some comments on how to achieve this. Thanks a lot!

4 thoughts on “Too Much Thinking. My Dilemma!

  1. Yes, You are right . Too much thinking only creates problem which is more psychological and I think more or less we do go through such habit of over thinking at some point of our life. Best way to avoid it is to do meditation. It does work for me atleast. You can try it once. 😊

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  2. This happens to me, so much so that people around me gets to notice. But I find that rather than just thinking, what’s works for me is writing down my thoughts, with goals set on when and how I want to go about it. A “to do list” always gives me an edge over my constant need to sit and analyse

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