A Divided America: The Obama Bill

Disclaimer: This post is not in anyway a political propaganda and is not aimed at furthering or bringing down anyone’s political agenda. It is purely an expression of my personal opinion.

Have you ever been sick? Have you ever watched a loved one struggle for life while you sit helplessly unable to do anything? Have you ever been minutes away from a treatment but it eludes you simply because you have no money? Have you ever buried a child and you find yourself silently wishing it had been you instead? The American plight understood by only Americans! The land of promise and opportunity, of hope and success, yet reaping from us the fables on which we were bred. How do I stand, with what portion will I sit? To cancer I have lost my pelvic and to tetanus I have lost my feet. Can you understand except you have lost like us. The heart break of the doctors report, the knock of the reaper as he comes for blood. These two are one and the same to a man with no insurance or pay. If many of us then carry this trait, what hope for the future remains?

I see a tide, carrying victuals mixed with brine, medications that will suffice and a hope that we will survive. With its undulating roar, we formed a song – ” come wash away, come wash away the new American way; for if I lose 20,000 to a system that has failed and 25,000 more to sustain the mortality range that obtains, then I am America the nation that cries everyday.” In 2009 it reached our shores and now bears the unofficial title – the Obamacare. The year 2010, it began to wash having obtained a ” go ahead” from us. The patient protection and affordable care act (PPACA), this was its full name and with it we hoped for better days.

We waited at the beautiful dawn of a new beginning hoping to catch a glimpse of that yellow gold of promise that only our mind’s eye could see. As time went by, we rejoiced in fulfillment because the promises in our minds became the reality of our lives. It was working! 22 million and counting! The number of new insured kept on rising! What did this act do that procured the awesome results it was getting?
it extended health insurance to some of the estimated 15% of the US population who lacked it.
– it banned insurance companies from denying health coverage to those with pre-existing health conditions.
– it allowed individuals under the age of 26 to remain under the health insurance plan of their parents.
– it mandated that companies with over 50 full-time employees should offer health insurance to their workers.
– it extended the eligibility for the government-run Medicaid health program for the poor.

The above is just an over summarized version of what the law actually does. However, the act was also aimed at eventually slowing down the amount spent by our country on healthcare which as at now is the highest in the world. A good account one would say, an appropriate purpose for the future we sought, if only some would let it take its course. The controversies were many and opposition’s strides increased daily, hoping to catch up and pull down the airship of our starry dreams. How can a nation divided against itself stand for long above the rest? How should my eyes respond if my eyelids decide to remain shut? What distance can a rocket travel if it ignores the thrust that comes from its nozzles? Are we now so smart that poor lives no longer count? Then why does the profit of a few seem more appealing than the thriving of the weak? Think for yourself do we have a conscience left. If I am America and the good of my children is all I care about then I am a nation which gives affordable healthcare to its people. This is the singular star around which the healthcare act revolved.

It’s true, very true! It did not work out like we hoped it would but it was no doubt a gesture, that had intentions pure. Go ahead and criticize, lash out with rants of being right. You told us so, yes we know but we have no regrets bacause while it was firm, unmoving and securing health, there was a smile on the faces of those who didn’t have a cent. I am sorry that it is now working against those it sought to help and weighing on the shoulders of companies whose focus was our care. A turn out that is now too low and premiums that are no longer bearable and a consequence inevitable – 17 have fallen and only six still stand of the 23 stations created to achieve the act. Some folks got lazy and the hard working ones were left with nothing. Yes it failed! Nonetheless, it was a beacon in a time when darkness shone brightest. Now we see a little better and its flaws are becoming clearer but that does not mean it wasn’t through this health act that we got to where we are. For if the light it brought is now no longer bright enough, the bill does not stop being luminous and without it we would have been lost. So again I say criticize all you want but do not forget the dire state you were liberated from.

Disclaimer: I am not an American citizen and everything written was not personnally experienced. However, exercising my right to an opinion, I have written this from research and secondary data. Hence, I stand corrected if any information given here is wrong.

Copyright © Aaeon (Leye)

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